Beware, This is The Known Issues of Ubuntu 15.04

Beware guys, this is many known issues found in Ubuntu 15.04. Be prepare with your debugging skill for one of this issues:

  • The amd64 (Intel x86 64bit) images specifically targeted at Apple hardware (amd64+mac) are no longer produced. Most Apple computers are now capable of booting the amd64 image directly using the EFI (not legacy) boot method so long as their firmware is up to date. If for some reason your hardware doesn’t boot properly using the amd64 image, make sure you don’t have a pending EFI update and if that still doesn’t work, then patch the 64-bit ISO using the software in bug #1298894 (tested working on Macbook 2,1). Alternatively, simply use the i386 (32bit) image instead.

  • Due to changes in syslinux, it is not currently possible to use usb-creator from 14.04 and earlier releases to write USB images for 14.10; we believe that it is also not possible to use usb-creator from a 14.10 system to write USB images for earlier releases. For now the workaround is to use a matching release of Ubuntu to write the images, but we intend to issue updates soon to work around this incompatibility. 1325801

  • In Virtualbox, the installer currently has a bug where after the installation is complete, the installation medium will eject, but you will be unable to press ENTER to reboot. Powering off and back on should boot you into your installed system. This is being tracked in bug 1447038

  • On OEM installations, after the end user configuration in a different language than the default initial OEM installation, extra language packs are not installed (1446539) You can install extra language packs by selecting “Language Support” in “System Settings”. A dialog will prompt you to install missing language packs.

  • During installation on a blank disk on a UEFI system, if the user creates custom partitions, the installer displays a ‘Force UEFI installation?’ dialog while there is no pre-installed system (1447256). This dialog is not displayed if the custom partitioner is not used. This message is harmless since no previous installation exists on the system and you can proceed with the installation.

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