Bodhi Linux Will Comeback Soon with Their Own Desktop Environment, Moksha

Jeff Hoogland, the founder and lead developer of the Ubuntu-based Bodhi Linux operating system, announced plans for dropping the current version of the Enlightenment desktop environment used in the recently released Bodhi Linux 3.0 distro for Moksha Desktop, which is based on the older Enlightenment E17 desktop environment.

The Bodhi Linux developer came with the idea of forking the Enlightenment E17 desktop environment into a new project called Moksha Desktop, which will offer some great new features and improvements over the upstream version of Enlightenment E17. The Moksha Desktop will become the default user interface in the next major release of the Bodhi Linux operating system.

From the lengthy article wrote by Jeff Hoogland on the Bodhi Linux website, it would appear the he really does not like the new modifications implemented in the Enlightenment E19 desktop environment, and that he believes Enlightenment E17 is one of the most stable and responsive desktops ever created.

“The problem with these major releases is that instead of continuing to perfect the end user facing components E17 started over the course of a decade, they were essentially internal tear downs,” says Jeff Hoogland. “These tear downs were rushed to meet release deadlines and did not have the same quality and stability the E17 desktop had come to know.”

via Softpedia | Bodhi Linux

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