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Download Source Code BoltWire 4.24

Dan Vis is announcing that BoltWire with version number 4.24 is already available to download.

What is BoltWire ?

BoltWire is A web wiki platform which enables easy and fast content management .

It has the various strengths of a CMS, a wiki, a search engine, and more, all rolled together into a software system of ground-breaking design.The secret behind BoltWire’s small size, yet robust capabilities, is its amazing ZAP engine, that allows easy form generation and processing.The platform allows regular users to easily setup a wiki and start adding content for their followers.

This is changelog for BoltWire version 4.24 :

  • Removed the embed, savedata, getlines, and if_number deprecate flags from the core. Those changes are nearly 10 versions old and any needed changes should be part of your site by now. To double check, go to site.deprecate.embed and check to make sure all the pages listed there are working. Then you can delete the page. Repeat for the other three pages.
  • The inlist deprecate flag is still active–so when we make the change in that conditional you can have all the information you need to update your site. Don’t delete that page! I’ve also added an insource deprecate flag to eliminate the string parameter there in favor of the new, separate inline conditional. I’ll give instructions about what to do with those two site.deprecate pages soon.
  • Loved Tiffany’s suggestion to use “when” instead of “if” when iterating through search/list functions–so added a deprecate flag to catch pages where this will need to be changed when we switch to 5.xx. For now, do nothing and give BoltWire a chance to catch pages that will need to be updated.
  • Made a few changes to boost performance a bit by reworking caching on info vars and adding caching to skinsettings.

You can read the complete changelog and also download this latest version on their homepage: www.boltwire.com

BoltWire - Viewing a wiki pageBoltWire - Editing a page's contentBoltWire - Viewing the print version of a page

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