Drupal’s Company, Acquia, Raised 55 Million Dollars and Closer to IPO

The company behind Drupal open-source CMS, Acquia, has announced that it raised 55 million US dollar in a Series G funding round later this week.

Founded by Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson, Acquia is focusing their bussiness to support and continuing the development of the famous Drupal CMS. In case you don’t understand, Acquia is just like Automattic, Inc. (a company) behind WordPress.

Altough it is not the official company “per se” of the Drupal CMS, but it’s been lurking in the shadows, making sure everything goes as it should. Drupal is still remains a community-driven project,

Acquia is expanding their bussinness into the world of third party-hosted CMS products, providing a Drupal site builder that runs in the cloud, along with Mollom (a spam fighting service) and many others drupal modules.

Acquia is heading towards an IPO after managed to raise $50 million / €44.75 million back in May 2014, and another $30 million / €26.85 million in November 2012, when it also said it was close to an IPO.

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