Krita is Launching Another Kickstarter Campaign

Krita, one of most featured FREE/LIBRE paint app is launching another kickstarter campaign. They just succeded their last kickstarter campaign and released the pledged feature. Now, they do it again to be faster than photoshop.

Krita Goal in 2015:

  • Make Krita really fast on big canvases with big brushes
  • Make Krita an awesome 2D animation tool

We’re making Krita to make it possible for artists all over the world to create great art, to be as productive as possible. There’s one big step we can take to achieve that goal:

Make Krita as fast as Photoshop!

Achieve awesome performance, beating Photoshop at its own game. Thanks to research by Dmitry, we’ve figured it out and we know how to do it, but it’s a BIG job! Several months of dedicated coding, right inside Krita’s core.

And that’s where you come in – help us make this possible, let’s push Krita to yet another height. Huge posters, big illustrations, high-def film matte paintings. Big brushes with a diameter over 3000 pixels will be possible!

You can check and pledged their kickstarter campaign here:

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