Linux News Today: 4MLinux 15.0 Distrolette Enters Beta, Based on Linux Kernel 4.1.10 LTS, GCC 5.2.0

Softpedia has just been informed by Zbigniew Konojacki, creator and lead developer of the 4MLinux project, an open-source initiative that aims to develop small GNU/Linux distributions for various purposes, that 4MLinux 15.0 entered development.

4MLinux 15.0 Core Beta has been released on November 8, 2015, and it will be the base for the rest of the 4MLinux 15.0 distributions, including 4MLinux and the distros that are part of the 4MRescueKit set, powered by a long-term supported kernel from the Linux 4.1 series.

Among the new features implemented in 4MLinux 15.0, we can mention GNU C Library 2.22 and BusyBox 1.24.1, as well as GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) 5.2.0 and Linux kernel 4.1.10 LTS.

“This is a core system (only a few MB in size) for the 4MLinux 15.0 series,” said Zbigniew Konojacki “The 4MLinux 15.0 series uses GNU Compiler Collection 5.2.0 to compile programs designed for the i686 architecture.”

As usual, Mr. Konojacki urges all users interested in testing the Beta release of the upcoming 4MLinux 15.0 distrolette to download the live ISO image, which contains software packages optimized only for 32-bit (i686) hardware architectures.

When testing the 4MLinux 15.0 Core Beta operating system, please try to keep in mind that it is a pre-release version, not suitable for deployment on production systems where stability is of the essence.

Via Softpedia

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