Linux News Today: A World Without Linux Would Mean a World Without Our Favorite Movies

OK guys, the fourth episode of the World Without Linux animated series created by Amelia Lorenz, a beautiful and talented graphic artist working for Disney, has just been published online on Linux Foundation’s YouTube channel.

The episode is called “Avatar Reimagined,” and as you might have already guessed, it tries to show us a world without Linux, a world where we would be forced to watch the famous Avatar 3D movie with a very bad resolution, with gigantic pixels, and horrible effects that not even a 2-year-old would watch.

In this episode, Sam and Annie are going to the movies, to a theater where the movie “Bavatar” is playing. On their way to the cinema hall, they’re reading critics’ reviews for the movie in a magazine. When the movie starts, surprise, it’s horrible! Yeah, this will surely win an Oscar, in every single category, NOT.

Well, that’s certainly something unimaginable. At least, we would not (and don’t want to) imagine such a terrific world where we would have to watch movies with disastrous effects. Not that there aren’t movies out there that have very bad effects (or bad everything for that matter), but the point of the episode is to show us that the effects in numerous blockbuster movies are made on Linux supercomputers.

Two more episodes to go

If you missed the previous episodes, we’re giving you a change to watch them right now. They are, in the order of appearance, A World Without Linux Is a World Without the Internet, A World Without Linux Would Mean a World Without Direction, and A World Without Linux Would Mean a World Without Social Connections.

The Linux Foundation ordered six episodes of the World Without Linux animated series, so there are two more left, and we might be lucky enough to see them before the year’s end. But then again, the holidays season are coming fast and the series might get a slight delay for January or February 2016.

The good news is that the last one will feature the creator of Linux himself, Linus Torvalds. But until then, we’ll let you now enjoy the fourth episode of World Without Linux, and make sure that you check our website regularly to find out more about Linux, as well as any other GNU/Linux-related technologies.

Via Softpedia

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