Linux News Today: Alien: Isolation for Linux Delayed in the Launch Day

Feral Interactive has just published some very sad news regarding the launch of Alien: Isolation – The Collection for the Linux platform. The game won’t be launching today and it has been postponed.

Linux gamers were very happy to know that yet another triple A title is making its way onto the Linux platform. Alien: Isolation has been originally developed by Creative Assembly, a studio known for its Total War series. The developers made a new engine from scratch and Feral Interactive is handling the porting process. The initial launch date was 29 September, but that’s not happening.

The developers have just announced that the game will miss its launch date and they really waited until the last possible moment to tell us. This being a digitally distributed game, they probably worked on fixing the problem until the very last minute. From the looks of it, they couldn’t repair it and they don’t have a clear schedule for the next release date.

It might be an AMD-related issue

Feral Interactive published just yesterday the system requirements for the game and they weren’t all that high. The kicker was that, hidden under an asterix, there was the information that Intel and AMD GPUs were not supported. That’s especially interesting since AMD even had an entry in the latest Catalyst driver about Alien: Isolation.

“We’re sorry to bring you bad tidings, but Alien: Isolation – The Collection for Mac and Linux has been delayed due to an issue that affects both platforms, and will not be released today. We are committed to releasing games only once they reach our high standards for performance. A bit more time is needed to ensure that Alien: Isolation achieves this,” noted Feral.

The “problem” is said to affect both platforms, so it very well might have nothing to do with AMD. That means that today we won’t be cowering of fear and we’ll have to wait a little bit more.

Via Softpedia

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