Linux News Today: Alien: Isolation – The Collection Officially Announced for Linux

Alien: Isolation – The Collection has been confirmed for the Linux platform, and it will be released in a week. This is hardly news after AMD revealed that, in fact, Alien was being ported for Linux users.

Alien: Isolation is a survival FPS developed by Creative Assembly, the same studio that is responsible for the Total War franchise among other titles. This is their first foray into the FPS genre, and they seem to have made an impression. The community has received this game much better than some of the major publications out there, which is something that doesn’t usually happen.

Just last week, AMD released a new stable version of their Catalyst drivers, 15.9, and one of the lines from the changelog mentioned Alien: Isolation. It was quickly removed, but not fast enough and many users noticed it. We also covered that story and taken in conjuncture with the fact that the game was also spotted in the Steam database, it was easy to surmise that something was about to happen, albeit not this fast.

Alien: Isolation – The Collection will be here in a week

The developers from Feral Interactive, the studio that did the port, made this announcement today, turning a rumor into something official. On the other hand, they should have made this announcement when AMD revealed it by mistake.

“We are all living on borrowed time. On September 29, you will enter a desperate battle for survival when Alien: Isolation – The Collection for Mac and Linux is set loose on Steam. Sneak, scavenge and improvise your way through the stricken space station Sevastopol, but never, ever drop your guard: you are being stalked by the ultimate killer. Evade and outwit this unpredictable enemy in a survival horror game soaked in the terrifying atmosphere of the classic 1979 sci-fi film Alien,” wrote Feral on their website.

Hopefully, we’ll be ready with a review for the Linux platform until then. Enjoy!

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