Linux News Today: AMD Unwittingly Reveals That Alien: Isolation Is Coming to Linux

AMD is not known for the fact that its driver releases are accompanied by comprehensive documentation and changelogs. For the latest AMD Catalyst 15.9 driver, they revealed too much, and they have sort of confirmed that Alien: Isolation is scheduled to get a Linux port.

Alien: Isolation is the latest game in the Alien franchise, and it’s a title that aims to take players back to the way things were, meaning people running in cramped hallways getting killed in brutal ways. Alien: Isolation is developed by Creative Assembly, the same studio that does the Total War series, so it’s not exactly the kind of stuff that you would expect from them. Also, it’s published by Sega, a company that seems to understand the importance of the Linux platform.

What we weren’t expecting from the AMD release notes, which are a surprise by themselves, was to see an entry about Alien: Isolation. To be fair, there are a lot of games now for Linux users, and it’s getting difficult to remember if something is available now, if it’s been announced, or if it’s even planned.

Alien: Isolation for Linux is not a sure thing

There are two scenarios here. One is that AMD made a mistake and included something from the Windows version of the drivers, or something similar to that. The second scenario is that the entry does refer to the port of Alien: Isolation for Linux users, but it wasn’t supposed to be seen.

The second scenario seems to be the correct one if we take in consideration the fact that Sega is porting games from Creative Assembly and that some changes had been reported in the Linux repositories from the Steam Database just a few months ago.

One thing is certain, we’re getting closer and closer to the official release for Steam Machines, the new console from Valve, so we should see an update in the number of Linux games in the coming months.

Original AMD release notes

Original AMD release notes

Via Softpedia

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