Linux News Today: Batman: Arkham Knight for Linux Delayed Until Spring 2016

Batman: Arkham Knight was announced for SteamOS and Linux platforms a while back, with the promise of a fall release. As you would expect, that release of the game for these platforms has been delayed.

Batman: Arkham Knight for the PC got off to a rocky start, and the publisher has to pull it from sales. This is the only recourse because they needed to fix all the problems.

Now the PC version is back on sale, but it also means that the developers who take care of the port, from Feral Interactive, now have a different code base to work from, and they need more time.

We can’t really blame Feral Interactive for the delay, as they didn’t have a hand in the PC version. The only thing that can be said about the matter is that they should have anticipated this delay and should have said something before the official relaunch for the Windows users.

Batman: Arkham Knight for Linux to arrive in the spring of 2016

It’s still not clear why some developers and publishers will refer to Linux and SteamOS as different platforms, but it might have something to do with the fact that some games that have been ported to Linux have been removed from Steam, at least temporarily because they have extra dependencies.

“This is due to extra development time needed to ensure good performance and wide-ranging support for OS X, Linux and SteamOS. We would like to thank everyone who has pre-purchased the game for your support, and also for your patience while we work to deliver the best experience possible,” said Feral Interacting on their blog.

The biggest issue with Batman: Arkham Knight is that it was advertised as upcoming Linux games and users preordered it with this platform in mind. Let’s hope that the porting process will be smooth and that the new Batman game will run just fine on Linux.

Via Softpedia

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