Linux News Today: Black Lab Linux 7.0 Launches with Xfce 4.12 and Lots of Improvements

Black Lab Linux 7.0, a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that’s using Xfce as the default desktop environment has been released and is now available for purchase and download.

Black Lab Linux 7.0 is the flagship of the project, and it’s the version that gets the most attention. Quite a few Betas and RCs have been made available for it, but now it’s finally time to get the stable version of the OS.

The developers of Black Lab Linux have gone through many changes over the past few years, and they’ve burned through quite a few desktop environments. The have settled on Xfce for a while now, and it looks like they finally found what they were looking for. It’s also worth noting that this version of Black Lab Linux is a commercial product, and it will remain like this for a few weeks. After that, it will be made available to everyone and the people who bought it will have access to extended support from the team.

Black Lab Linux 7.0 has a ton of updates

“Today we are announcing the release of Black Lab Linux 7.0. Over the past 6 months we have released several betas, presented 4 release candidates, and generally done a ton of work, culminating in Black Lab 7, our vision of what the best Linux desktop should be. Black Lab Linux 7 introduces many improvements to the core system and improves many OS functions of the OS from wireless connectivity to power management to general hardware support,” wrote the developers.

According to the changelog, the Linux kernel has been upgraded to version 3.19.0-33, the XFS Filesystem is now fully supported, the Xfce desktop has been upgraded to version 4.12, a new deskbar layout has been adopted, LibreOffice 5.x has been implemented by default, and a number of other application have been added, like Steam, Wine, AppGrid, Audacious, many others.

More details about the pricing and the provided support are available on the official website.

Black Lab Linux 7.0 system info

Black Lab Linux 7.0 system info

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