Linux News Today: Boston GNOME Summit 2015 Hackfest Day 2 Brings GNOME Builder and GTK+ Features

Some of the GNOME developers are gathered together these days at the Boston GNOME Summit 2015 hackfest event that takes place between October 10-12 at the MIT building E51, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

The most important things that have been discussed during the first day of the summit were Wayland remoting, Wayland non-integral scaling, GNOME Builder, GTK+ requests, GNOME Continuous, xdg-app, ostree, and, of course, improvements to the internal code for better performance.

The great Matthias Clasen is there and he published an interesting article about the new features that have been implemented in several of GNOME’s core components and applications during the second day of the summit, including Gvfs, GNOME Builder, and GTK+.

“The first day was filled with discussions and planning, with one of the central topics being how to make gnome-builder, xdg-app and gnome-continuous play well together,” says Matthias Clasen. “Thanks to everybody who participated so far. The Summit will continue tomorrow with more discussion and hopefully more productive hacking.”

GNOME Builder received better indentation support for Vi and Emacs modes

Among the cool new features that the GNOME developers managed to implement during the second day of the Boston GNOME Summit 2015 event, we can mention support for operating with elevated privileges in Gvfs, indentation support for Vi and Emacs modes in GNOME Builder, and fixes for various issues with the Wayland port of GNOME Builder.

Lastly, they managed to implement support for producing xdg-app bundles through the GNOME Continuous build tool, as well as to create the first one for the GNOME Weather app, and to adapt the keyboard shortcuts overlay of the GNOME Builder app to the GTK+ GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit. In related news, other GNOME developers are working hard to implement a new search UI to GNOME’s Nautilus (Files) file manager.

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