Linux News Today: Calculate Linux Scratch 15 KDE Distro Brings KDE Goodness, Including Plasma 5.4.2

Alexander Tratsevskiy, the lead developer and creator of the Russian Calculate Linux operating system has announced earlier today, November 12, that the his Calculate Linux Scratch 15 KDE distribution has been released, and it’s available for download.

Calculate Linux Scratch 15 KDE (CLSK) is a new flavor that brings in lots of KDE goodness, among which we can mention the KDE Plasma 5.4.2 desktop environment, the KDE Applications 15.08.0 software suite, as well as the KDE Frameworks 5.15.0 collection of add-ons for the Qt5 GUI toolkit. Linux kernel 4.2.3 is also onboard, along with Konversation 1.6 and Chromium 46.0.2490.71.

At this stage, we feel obliged to inform our readers that Calculate Linux Scratch 15 KDE is a special flavor of the Calculate Linux Scratch 15 distribution, which can be used by anyone to build their own GNU/Linux distributions based on Calculate Linux, which in turn is based on Gentoo Linux. And now, they can also have the latest KDE technologies inside their distros.

“We are proud to announce a new release of Calculate Linux Scratch 15 featuring KDE 5, alias CLSK,” says Alexander Tratsevskiy. “CLSK provides a basic set of KDE 5 packages that were fully ported to Qt5, including the standard window manager. It can be used for building a system based on the new Plasma along with both KDE software and third-party, namely CLDX applications.”

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The good news for those who don’t like the systemd init system, is that Calculate Linux Scratch 15 KDE uses the versatile OpenRC init system, so their distributions will also use OpenRC. Moreover, you should know that the binary software repository of Calculate Linux includes over 2,600 apps, all of which are fully compatible with Gentoo Portage.

Among other features implemented in Calculate Linux Scratch 15 KDE (CLSK), we can mention updates to the Breeze system theme to support GTK2, GTK3, and KDE4 applications, out-of-the-box support for both open-source and proprietary video drivers, multiboot support, and Calculate Utils, a set of tools the let you modify the system image as you see fit.

Download Calculate Linux Scratch 15 KDE right now from Softpedia, where the GNU/Linux operating system is distributed for free as Live ISO images that contain software packages optimized for 64-bit (x86_64) and 32-bit (i386) hardware architectures.

Via Softpedia

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