Linux News Today: Calibre 2.41 eBook Management Tool Lets Users Edit Unzipped EPUB Files as a Book

After taking a two week break, Kovid Goyal comes today, October 16, with hot news from the Calibre world, as he just published details about the 2.41 version of the open-source, free and cross-platform ebook library management software.

According to attached release notes, the biggest new feature of Calibre 2.41 is the ability to allow users edit unzipped EPUB files as a book, which might come in handy for users who wish to store their ebooks in a version control system and then edit them directly using Calibre’s Edit Book feature.

A few other interestion features have been implemented in Calibre 2.41, such as support for removing items from the pop-up menu in the Edit Book component for the ‘Insert tag’ button, the ability to use keyboard shortcuts with the Tag Browser, and the addition of a context menu item to the ToC (Table of Content) Editor component that lets users change the selected entries to upper case letters.

Bugs were fixes and news sources updated

There’s no release of the Calibre eBook management utility without bugfixes. In version 2.41, users can set the HTML < title > to the book’s title in the HTMLZ Output component, the XHTML mode rendering feature of the Edit Book’s Preview panel has been improved, and it is now possible to click on the first letter groups for book series in the Tag Browser.

Moreover, the corrupted images are now ignored in the DOCX Output, the keyboard shortcut used for toggling the ToC in the E-book viewer has been fixed, ebook metadata can now work with read-only files, and support for creating multiple tags if the replacement tag includes commas has been implemented in the Tag Mapper component.

Last but not least, the Wall Street Journal, The Independent, Boston Globe, Komputerra, and Spectator Magazine news sources have been improved. Download Calibre 2.41 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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