Linux News Today: Calibre 2.44 Released with Multiple Fixes and Improvements for Linux

The Calibre eBook reader, editor, and converter has been upgraded to version 2.44. It’s not a major upgrade, but there are some interesting fixes, and one of them is quite important for Linux users.

Calibre can be used for more than just converting eBook files from one format to another. It’s also a really good eBook reader, and it has a host of other functions and options. It’s no wonder that the developer needs to upgrade it almost on a weekly basis, not to mention the fact that the application has a very active community around it and people send requests and notifications all the time.

The application is mostly known for its usefulness in converting various eBook formats, but one of the other features included transferring books to any connected device. As you can imagine, this is difficult to do unless you have the drivers and the support for that particular device. Calibre excels in this regard, but some fixes have been implemented for the Linux version.

What’s new in Calibre 2.44

According to the changelog, setting the cover for a book from one of the book’s formats can now be done by right clicking on the format in the Book details panel, it’s now possible to drag and drop off all file types onto the book details panel, and the system tray icon from the system theme is now used on Linux systems, if available.

Also, an error that occurred when connecting to some Android phones/tablets that have an SD card on OS X and Linux has been fixed, the pointing hand mouse cursor is now using the system theme on all Linux systems, and a number of other smaller fixes and improvements have been made.

You can download Calibre 2.44 right now from Softpedia, and you can also check a review of the application. The developer also provides a handy download and installation script that you can just enter in a terminal.

Via Softpedia

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