Linux News Today: Calibre eBook Converter Now Has Support for the New KFX Format from Amazon

The Calibre eBook editor and reader has been upgraded once more and the developer has just added the much-needed support for the new KFX format that is used by Amazon.

Besides providing a lot of useful features for users like the ability to convert eBook or to read them, Calibre can also be used as a comprehensive digital library, among many other things. The application has been optimized over time to work with a large number of books, and it’s clear that you won’t find anything better than this solution, at least not on Linux.

New features and changes land in Calibre on a weekly basis and there are so many of them that it’s even difficult to keep track of every last one. Users will probably find a lot of stuff that’s not even listed in the main features. For example, Calibre can download the daily editions of newspapers, package them as eBooks, and send them via the Internet directly to your device.

New functions have landed

“Kindle driver: Detect books in Amazon’s new KFX format present on e-ink kindles. Note that this only detects KFX books and allows you to delete them. You cannot copy them to your calibre library. Doing so would be pointless anyway, as KFX books are specialised for individual devices. Instead go to your ‘Manage my content’ page an and download them from there — this will give you a regular azw3 file you can add to calibre,” is noted in the announcement.

According to the changelog, a new tool to apply Tag mapper rules to existing books in the library has been added, when the input contains HTML comments with double hyphens the txt output no longer fails, the order of checkboxes in the filter style information tool is no longer random, and a number of news sources have been upgraded.

You can also check out our review of Calibre and download Calibre 2.40 from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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