Linux News Today: Calligra 2.9.7 Open-Source Office Suite Adds Multiple Kexi and Krita Improvements

Caligra 2.9.7 arrived earlier today, September 3, and it is a free update to all existing users of the open-source office suite, adding multiple improvements to the Kexi and Krita components, as well as many general changes.

According to the release notes, Caligra 2.9.7 plugs several memory leaks from its source code, lets users correctly set a regular default paragraph style as a parent to an endnote or footnote, optimizes the formatting of table cells, improves memory usage, and adds a few 14px icon sizes to the toolbox.

Table cells will no longer be copied when attempting to copy text from inside it, the writing direction button now works properly, tooltips now include keyboard shortcuts, and it is possible to paste inside before-table-paragraph without breaking it, as well as to delete a highlighted table when pressing the Backspace button on your keyboard.

Furthermore, Caligra users can now overwrite a selection when inserting a variable, the newly added 14px toolbox icon sizes are now the default, subfolders are now being created for all presets, colors will be initialized to black, the size of the toolbox’s icons can be configured, and the size of the toolbox’s buttons now depend on the screen’s resolution.

“The Calligra team is pleased to announce the release of Calligra Suite, and Calligra Active 2.9.7. It is recommended update that brings further improvements to the 2.9 series of the applications and underlying development frameworks,” says Jarosław Staniek.

Here’s what’s new in Kexi and Krita

Besides all the general changes mentioned above, the seventh maintenance release of Caligra 2.9 comes with the Kexi 2.9.7 database creation tool and Krita 2.9.7 digital painting utility. While we’ve reported news on the Krita 2.9.7 release earlier, we will now inform you of the improvements implemented in Kexi 2.9.7.

Therefore, Kexi 2.9.7 restores the ability to alter table designs, addresses an issue with vertical alignment of text in command link button widgets, repairs the detection of primary key column during import of CSV files, fixes updating issues of the primary key detection, which failed when modifying the value of “Start at line.”

Kexi 2.9.7 no longer forces saving of databases when the user switches queries that were never stored to the Data view, and offers improved error reporting and better results for prepared statements in SQLite databases. Download Caligra 2.9.7 office suite right now from

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