Linux News Today: Canonical Wants to Have Arabic Ubuntu Font

The Ubuntu Team is working to improve the fonts being used in the operating system and they are now asking the community for help with the Arabic language.

One of the most important things that set Ubuntu apart is so unassumingly essential that many users ignore it. Canonical invested a lot of effort into its own icon set, and as it stands right now, this Linux distro really shines in this department. It’s almost impossible to find another set of icons that works this well. Unfortunately, not all the languages are supported, but this is something that they are planning to change.

“Some of you may remember the birth of the ubuntu font family during the 10.10 cycle. The time has come to finish that work as well as fix a few issues with the current font set. To start with, the design team has been working on Arabic, and is ready for some feedback on how the font looks and interacts. For those of you who might be wondering about testing the rest of the ubuntu font family, the answer is yes!” wrote Canonical’s Nicholas Skaggs.

A simple survey has been put in place and users who have knowledge of the Arabic language have been asked to help. An even better piece of news is that other languages will follow, but for now there is no information about any upcoming modifications.

Via Softpedia

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