Linux News Today: Chapeau 23 "Armstrong" Is a Beautifully Crafted Linux Distro Based on Fedora 23

Chapeau 23 “Armstrong,” a Linux distribution based on the Fedora 23 Workstation has been released and is now available for download.

Fedora is a powerful distribution, but it’s not used all that often as a base. Sure, there are a few Linux distributions out there that do choose Fedora to build upon, but their numbers are dwarfed in comparison with Debian or Ubuntu. Chapeau, along Korora, is one of the most prominent Fedora spins that manage to provide a better experience than the base, and that is something that doesn’t happen often.

For the most part, Chapeau is not all that different from Fedora. They both use the GNOME desktop environment, but the selection of apps differs significantly. The developers of Chapeau also tend to use different Linux kernels and repositories. It’s worth noting that Chapeau is no longer using the Korora repositories, and that occurred fast into the development cycle.

Chapeau 23 is here, and it’s beautiful

It is difficult to point what Chapeau is doing better. It might have something to do with the small visual changes or the icon theme. The distribution also feels faster, despite the fact that ISO is much bigger and integrates a lot more default packages.

Among the most interesting things that we noticed in Chapeau 23 is the addition of Hardware Helper Tool that allows users to better choose the drivers that they want for their system, the X servers is still used by default, Wayland is disabled by default, and GNOME 3.18 has Google Drive integration.

Also, a number of important packages are provided by default, like LibreOffice 5, PlayOnLinux, Wine, Steam, VLC, Mozilla Firefox with Adobe Flash, RPMFusion software sources, GNOME Boxes, and Dropbox has been integrated by default.

You can download Chapeau 23 right now from Softpedia and give it a spin. It works pretty well in virtual machines, so you can test it if you don’t want to install it.

Make sure that you check the gallery below!

Via Softpedia

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