Linux News Today: Claws Mail 3.13 Open Source Email Client Has Great New Features, Bugfixes

A new version of the GTK+ based, open-source, user-friendly, free, fast, and lightweight Claws Mail email client for GNU/Linux and Windows operating systems is now available for download, as announced by its developers on October 11, 2015.

According to the release notes attached at the end of the article for reference, Claws Mail 3.13.0 includes a great number of new features, among which we can mention support for saving the preferences on the local disk drive immediately after pressing either of the Apply or OK buttons, and the addition of new preferences for default sorting of the email lists in Display -> Summaries page’s ‘Message list’ frame, which will apply only to newly directed folders.

Furthermore, the “Delete thread” menu item has been moved to the Message menu, and it can now be used to actually delete threads instead of moving them to the Trash folder, for which there’s now a ‘Move thread to trash’ menu item. Also, the automatic account selection will now be applied every time you reply to one of your emails, such as those from the Sent folder.

Also new in Claws Mail 3.13.0, there’s the ability to expand or collapse the currently selected folder three item using the right and left arrow keys – the former can also be used to move the selection to the parent folder, but only if it is within a collapsed tree – and users will be able to use the End and Home keys to move the selection of the first and last folders in the tree.

The GnuPG plugins have been updated

Among other new features implemented in Claws Mail 3.13.0, we can mention that there’s now a detailed error message for the Account Auto-configuration dialog, the GnuPG plugins have been updated and they now include an option for specifying the location of the GnuPG binary and a hidden preference that lets users limit the number of results that are being returned from the address auto-completion function.

Last but not least, users will no longer be able to add pre-defined headers to the compose window, the GeoLocation plugin has been removed, the user manual and man page were updated, numerous bugs were fixed, the Python plugin received some attention, and many translations have been updated. Download Claws Mail 3.13.0 right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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