Linux News Today: CrossOver 15.0 Is Based on Wine 1.8 and Has Thousands of Improvements

CrossOver Linux, an application based on Wine and made largely by the same people, has just advanced to version 15.0, incorporating a large number of changes and improvements.

CodeWeavers is the company that builds and sells CrossOver, and the same people are working on Wine as well. The main difference is the interface, which is a lot friendlier and a few specific fixes that land in the application. CrossOver is mostly a GUI for Wine, but it also comes with support for some of the more important Windows applications, like Office for example.

The application is built to cater to the needs of specific users and companies, so it’s more geared toward enterprise environment, but it doesn’t mean that regular people can’t buy and install it. And, the best part is that the money the company makes from CrossOver goes into the Wine project, which is open source and available to everyone.

What’s new in CrossOver Linux 15.0

“CrossOver Linux runs the Windows software that you need at home, in the office, or at school. All without purchasing a Windows license, running a virtual machine, or having to dual-boot your computer. Run thousands of Windows programs on your favorite Linux distros like Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Debian, RHEL and more with the simple installation of CrossOver,” is noted on the official website.

According to the changelog, CrossOver now uses PulseAudio for sound if it is available on the system, the user interface has been remade, Quicken 2016 is now running, Microsoft Office runs very well on dual screen Linux setups, and the application is based on Wine 1.8.

CrossOver Linux can run many Windows software solutions and games, but if you want to be sure about a specific one, you can check the What Runs section on the official website. You can download CrossOver Linux 15.0 trial right now from Softpedia. Keep in mind that it only lasts for 14 days, after which you’ll have to purchase it.

Via Softpedia

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