Linux News Today: Cuba's National Ubuntu-Based GNU/Linux OS to Get a Gorgeous Lightweight Edition

The developers of the Nova OS GNU/Linux distribution created in Havana, Cuba, by students at the University of Computer Sciences and sponsored by the Cuban government, have informed us earlier today about an upcoming Lightweight edition of the OS.

Dubbed Nova Lightweight 2015, the new edition of the Ubuntu-based operating system promises to offer a gorgeous new design consisting of a clean and beautiful user interface that includes a new icon theme designed specifically for the Cuban distribution.

As one might expect, Nova Lightweight 2015 Edition has been designed from the ground up to be as low on resources as possible, which means that it will be the perfect solution for updating those old, low-end computers all over Cuba, replacing Microsoft Windows.

“As usual this distribution by its design is intended to provide a migration process as smooth as possible, especially for users who are accustomed to using Windows Like other operating systems,” says Alex Sanchez, Nova OS developer, in an email to Softpedia.

New graphical installer, new applications

In addition to being lightweight and beautiful, the soon-to-be-released Nova Light 2015 distribution will boast a brand new graphical installer based on the GTK+ toolkit, which means that users will benefit from a much easier and enjoyable installation process.

The software collection included in Nova Light 2015 has been changed from the regular Nova OS distribution, and comes with the latest versions of the LibreOffice office suite, Audacious music player, Midori web browser, PCManFM file manager, Leafpad text editor, and LXTerminal terminal emulator.

Nova Lightweight 2015 Edition is built around the Guano desktop environment, a fork of LXDE, and promises to be the most mature version of Cuba’s national Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux operating system. The final release of Nova Lightweight 2015 will be announced right here on Softpedia in the coming days.

Via Softpedia

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