Linux News Today: DebEX Barebone Distro Now Uses Linux Kernel 4.2, Based on Debian 8.1 and Xfce 4.12

After announcing the release of the DebEX GNOME and KDE Editions, Arne Exton had the great pleasure of informing us about the immediate availability for download of a new build of his DebEX Barebone distribution.

Being powered Arne Exton’s special kernel 4.2.0-7-exton, which is based on the latest and greatest Linux 4.2 kernel, build around the lightweight and highly customizable Xfce 4.12 desktop environment, and powered by Debian GNU/Linux 8.1 (Jessie) operating system, DebEX Barebone Build 150902 includes the recently announced Nvidia 352.41 proprietary video driver, and updates all included packages to their latest versions as of September 2, 2015.

“A new version of DebEX Barebone with Xfce 4.12 and kernel 4.2.0-7-exton (equivalent to’s stable kernel 4.2) is ready. I have installed Nvidia’s proprietary graphic driver 352.41. Read below about how to use it. All packages have been updated to the latest version as of September 2, 2015,” says Arne Exton. “DebEX Barebone uses kernel 4.2.0-7-exton. DebEX Gnome and DebEX KDE KDE use kernel 4.1.0-3-exton.”

Boot the OS directly from RAM

Besides being designed to be as lightweight and fast as possible, the great thing about the DebEX Barebone distribution is that it allows users to run it directly from RAM, ejecting the bootable mediu. For that, you can always use the “Copy to RAM” option at boot, but please try to keep in mind that you will need to have a computer with at least 2 GB of RAM. The default system language is English.

Download DebEX Barebone Build 150902 right now from, where you will find a Live DVD ISO image that contains software packages optimized only for 64-bit computers. There, you will also be able to download the two other flavors of DebEX, the DebEX GNOME Edition, as well as DebEX KDE Edition.

Via Softpedia

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