Linux News Today: Debian-Based Q4OS Linux Distro Gets New Update Notifier, Better Support for Android Devices

The developers of the Q4OS Linux distributions have sent an email to Softpedia informing us about the release and immediate availability for download of Q4OS 1.4.4.

According to the Q4OS developers, the new version is the fourth maintenance release in the Q4OS 1.4 (Orion) series, bringing all sorts of new features, improvements, and bugfixes.

“The Q4OS development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new Q4OS 1.4.4 release. It’s the maintenance release of the Q4OS 1.4 ‘Orion’ series, and is built on and improves the previous version,” said the devs.

Among the new features implemented in Q4OS 1.4.4, we can mention the addition of a new update notifier and manager, which has been deeply integrated into the operating system and designed to display a pop-up notification when updates are available.

The update notifier resides in the system tray area of the Trinit Desktop Environment (TDE) used in the Q4OS distribution, and it also helps users to apply all available updates from the default software repositories of the operating system.

Optimized desktop profiles, better support for Android devices

Furthermore, the Q4OS 1.4.4 brings various optimizations to the desktop profiles, implements additional support for multimedia codecs, and adds various tweaks that greatly improve the data transfer from Android devices.

Of course, numerous annoying issues reported by users since the previous release of the distribution have been fixed in the new maintenance build, making Q4OS a more reliable, secure, stable, and safe computer operating system

At the moment of writing this article, the Q4OS developers are pushing all the changes mentioned above in the default software repos of the distribution, which will land in users’ computers in the next hours, so make sure that you check for updates soon.

In the meantime, new users can download the Q4OS 1.4.4 Live ISO image right now from Softpedia and install the Debian-based operating system on their personal computers.

Via Softpedia

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