Linux News Today: Debian-Based Q4OS Linux Distro Gets Stable ARM Port for Raspberry Pi 2 SBCs

We’ve just been informed by the developers of the Q4OS GNU/Linux distribution about the general availability of the first stable release of the ARM port of the OS for Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 2 SBCs (single-board computers).

Q4OS is a tiny Linux kernel-based computer operating system built around the Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) project and on top of the popular Debian GNU/Linux operating system. It is targeted mainly at low-end systems.

Today, we have the pleasure of informing our readers who were expecting to get their hands on the ARM port of Q4OS that the GNU/Linux distribution is now available in a stable form for Raspberry Pi devices.

“We have just released the first Stable Q4OS port for the ARM hardware, specifically for the Raspberry Pi/Pi2,” said the Q4OS Team in an email to Softpedia. “Q4OS is now one of the few distributions offering full desktop environment on the ARM architecture.”

Based on Raspbian

While the main edition of the operating system, the one for x86 computers, is based on the latest Debian GNU/Linux distro, the ARM port of Q4OS has been built on top of the well-known Raspbian distribution.

It has been fully optimized specifically for Raspberry Pi hardware and promises to offer users a complete desktop environment for ARM architectures. The Q4OS developers have tested the OS long enough to ensure users of a fast and reliable system.

If you have a Raspberry Pi or Raspberry Pi 2 device and you want to install a Debian-based operating system with a KDE 3.5 look-a-like desktop environment, you are invited to download the ARM port of Q4OS right now from Softpedia.

You can install the image on a SD card to boot it from your Raspberry Pi  device or purchase a pre-installed SD card from the project’s website. The OS includes all the features found in the standard edition.

Via Softpedia

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