Linux News Today: Dedicated GPS Navigation Scope Coming to Ubuntu Touch

The developer who made the excellent uNav GPS Navigation is now looking into the possibility of building a dedicated scope for Ubuntu Touch with the same function.

The Ubuntu Touch platform is home to some pretty great apps, and uNav GPS Navigation is just one of them. The developer of this particular app is actually working on several others, and he is now considering making a new scope with the same functionality.

This actually makes a lot of sense since the entire Ubuntu concept is based on scopes and their direct implementation into the OS, as opposed to having dedicated apps for each function. It’s one of the biggest features in the Ubuntu phones, so having a navigation scope sounds pretty interesting.

uNav scope is coming

Since the uNav apps had such a great impact on the community, the developer figured that he could take this a step further. It’s going to feel a lot like the app, but all the features are just a few swipes away.

“I’m thinking in a future uNav scope, something like the picture. Thoughts about this are welcome! As resume: Main scope = Nearby POIs as in uNav. Search = Search as in uNav. Nothing more, with the focus of search destinations fast. Both of them will show a list result and with a click on one of them, it will launch uNav with that position,” developer wrote on Google+.

For now, it’s only a concept, but the scope would be based on OpenStreetMap, just like the application itself. This is the best solution for open source applications and operating systems, and it’s pretty accurate too. It lacks some features like traffic, for example, but that’s not really the point.

The new scope will take a while to be made, but we expect to see more information about it really soon.

Via Softpedia

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