Linux News Today: Default Local DNS Resolver Integration Proposed for Fedora 24 Linux

Fedora Project’s Platform and Program Manager, Mr. Jan Kurik, published another feature proposal for the upcoming Fedora 24 Linux operating system, the implementation of a default local DNS resolver.

The decision to implement a default local DNS resolver in Fedora Linux was taken because the plain DNS (Domain Name System) protocol is not secure and it’s vulnerable to all sorts of attacks, such as cache poisoning. Also, a client needs to do a DNSSEC validation locally to ensure that there’s no man-in-the-middle.

Therefore, the Fedora developers have decided to install an Unbound server by default in the Fedora 24 Linux operating, which will run on localhost, as well as to install dnssec-trigger if necessary. Both software will be integrated into the NetworkManager application and GNOME Shell user interface for the Fedora 24 Workstation. Furthermore, the Fedora 24 Server edition will also integrate the new DNS resolver.

“There are multiple reasons for having such a resolver, most importantly security and usability. Security and protection of user’s privacy become paramount with the backdrop of the increasingly snooping governments and service providers world wide. The localhost address will be the only record in /etc/resolv.conf and no other software except dnssec-trigger will be allowed to change its content,” reads the proposal.

Security and protection of user’s privacy

It is very good to see that the Fedora Linux developers are thinking of the security and protection of user’s privacy, and implementing a DNS resolved by default in the GNU/Linux distribution it is essential for the overall security and usability of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based computer operating system, both for desktop and server use.

If you’re curious to know more about this new feature proposal for Fedora 24 Linux, we suggest that you read the official wiki page. We strongly believe that this is a must-have feature for the next major release of the Fedora Linux operating system. Stay tuned for more feature spotlights for Fedora 24 coming your way soon.

Via Softpedia

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