Linux News Today: Docker 1.8.2 Linux Container Engine Fixes Multiple Bash Completion Issues, More

The popular open-source Docker 1.8 Linux container engine got its second maintenance release a couple of days ago, bringing a great number of changes that we want to tell you all about in the next paragraphs.

According to the release notes, which we’ve attached at the end of the article for reference, Docker 1.8.2 is here to fix a rare edge case of handling GNU LongName and LongLink entries, repair the broken ^C on “docker pull,” as well as to address various “docker pull” issues that occurred when the client was disconnected.

It also fixes a problem that made the Docker daemon to panic every time the loggers were not configured properly, a goroutine leak that pulled images from registry V2 was patched, log configurations are now correctly initialized, and cgroups are now properly mounted for Docker daemons that run inside Docker containers.

Moreover, the Docker client has been updated to handle the -q flag properly when using a default format with the “docker ps” command, multiple corner issues with netlink where fixed, a problem where network namespaces where incorrectly switched was resolved, and there’s various fixes for the known bash completion problems.

Here’s what was new in Docker 1.8.1

As we weren’t able to inform our users about the first maintenance release of Docker 1.8, which was announced on August 13, 2015, so we will take this opportunity to tell you that it brough a fix for a bug that caused the operation of pushing multiple tags to output invalid images. Docker 1.8.2 had an RC (Release Candidate) build that included the same changes mentioned in this article.

Download the Docker 1.8.2 sources right now from Softpedia. This release is also available for download as binaries for various GNU/Linux operating systems, including Ubuntu and Debian, as well as client binaries Darwin/OSX 64-bit and 32-bit, and Microsoft Windows 64-bit and 32-bit from the official announcement.

Via Softpedia

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