Linux News Today: Enlightenment 0.19.13 Open Source Desktop Environment Fixes 40 Bugs

The development team of the open source Enlightenment desktop environment used in numerous GNU/Linux operating systems by default, or available from the default software repositories, has announced the release of Enlightenment 0.19.13.

According to the release notes, attached at the end of the article for reference, Enlightenment 0.19.13 is yet another bugfix version, a maintenance build that fixes 40 issues reported by users or discovered by the Enlightenment developer since the previous release of the desktop environment, Enlightenment 0.19.12.

Among the most important bugs addressed in Enlightenment 0.19.13, we can mention a fix for a crash in the ibar, which occurred when two icons that used the same path were added under certain circumstances, an issue with the tracking of updated desktop files during the change of efreet, and a shutdown problem when the ibar client menu was up.

Moreover, mirror objects will no longer be lost from deskmirror, RIGHT and LEFT states are now being removed during the removal of the VERTICAL maximize state, the desktop gadget systrays will no longer crash during the adjustment of the image size, and the wake-on-urgent functionality will now be applied in all cases of window urgency.

Many other issues have been resolved

In addition to the changes mentioned above, Enlightenment 0.19.13 fixes many issues and improves the performance of the desktop environment. To see what exactly has been changed in this release, we recommend that you check out the changelog attached at the end of the article for reference.

You can download Enlightenment 0.9.13 right now from Softpedia if you’re a GNU/Linux distribution maintainer and you want to add the new version in the software repositories for users to update to it as soon as possible. The rest of the world should wait for the Enlightenment 0.19.13 update to appear in their distributions’ repos.

Via Softpedia

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