Linux News Today: Enlightenment 0.20 Desktop Environment Gets Its First Point Release to Fix 30 Bugs

The first maintenance release of the Enlightenment 0.20 open-source desktop environment has been published earlier for all GNU/Linux operating systems, fixing over 30 issues reported by users since the previous version.

The major Enlightenment 0.20 desktop environment was officially announced in the first day of December 2015, bringing awesome new features like full support for the next-generation Wayland display server, a Geolocation module, better support for the FreeBSD operating system, as well as a new screen management infrastructure.

Today’s release of Enlightenment, version 0.20.1, fixes no less than 30 bugs discovered in the Enlightenment 0.20 release during the last two weeks in many of the desktop environment’s core components, including, but not limited to, e backlight, e comp, e zone, e randr, e randr2, and e exec.

Among the changes, we can mention better randr support in the compositing manager, support for handling null e_comp if the compositor is already closed, the ability to remove auto-clone, replacing it with the randr dialog, as well as fixes for several leaks.

Wayland support has been updated

As expected, the support for the next-gen Wayland display server has been updated in this first point release of Enlightenment by implementing shell private data for the management of shell-specific data, along with the ability to set new client focus based on the !override and accepts_focus functions, and support for enforcing Wayland’s subsurface stacking order when restacking the parent surface.

Additionally, there are several wl-x11 improvements, withdrawn state is no longer set on X11 clients, the X11 icccm state won’t be re-applied during fetching, the client’s geometry is now used for calculations in the X11 ConfigureRequest handler, notifications are now being reshuffled during merging, redirection toggling has been disabled for the nocomp client, and the Italian translation was updated.

Download Enlightenment 0.20.1 right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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