Linux News Today: Evolution 3.18.1 Open Source Groupware Software Released for GNOME 3.18.1

The developers of the open-source and cross-platform Evolution email and groupware client used in various GNU/Linux operating systems and distributed as part of the GNOME project, have announced the release of Evolution 3.18.1.

According to the internal release notes, attached at the end of the article for reference, Evolution 3.18.1 is the first point release in the Evolution 3.18 series, and it will be distributed along with the soon-to-be-released GNOME 3.18.1 open-source desktop environment.

Several bugs have been fixed in Evolution 3.18.1, such as issues with the visibility of the mouse cursor when attempting to delete multiple email messages, the ability to set the “References” header in forwarded emails, and support for recurrence editing in non-detached instances.

Among other changes, we can mention the implementation of evolution-mail-formatter into evolution-mail.pc’s libraries, fixes for default:mm’s translation, support for using time and date format in Memos and Tasks previews.

EHTMLEditor received numerous improvements

In addition to the improvements mentioned above, Evolution 3.18.1 brings numerous improvements to the EHTMLEditorSelection and EHTMLEditorView components, such as support for setting the font color, improvements to the redo and undo functions in the composer, and support for processing only heading elements in HTML mode.

Blocks are now correctly wrapped around selection markers, the merging operation of siblings is repeated automatically until there’s no one left, font formats are now correctly reported when nested FONT elements exist, Selection is now correctly restored, and the current font color gets discarded automatically when modifying the font size.

Last but not least, the Danish, Czech, Serbian, Serbian Latin, Finnish, and Greek language translations have been updated. You can download the Evolution 3.18.1 sources right now from Softpedia, but it is recommended that you wait for your GNU/Linux operating system’s maintainers to update the Evolution packages to today’s 3.18.1 release.

Via Softpedia

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