Linux News Today: Falcon Northwest Drops Steam Machines Due to Issues with SteamOS

Falcon Northwest is one of the companies that wanted to release Steam Machines, but it looks like that’s not happening anymore.

The November 10 launch of the Steam Machines didn’t go as people expected it to. In fact, it wasn’t much of an event, and Valve only bothered to add a link and a special website on Steam, along with a week-long sale. It was also programmed on the same day as the Fallout 4 release, and it’s easy to see why that overshadowed everything.

Some people were hoping that it’s actually a ploy from Bethesda and Valve to announce at the last minute that Fallout 4 is also coming to Linux, but it turns out that it was just really bad planning. The launch of three Steam Machines, from different vendors, along with the Steam Link and the Steam Controller.

This might not be the last company to drop the Steam Machines

Following reports that the SteamOS is not capable of delivering the same kind of quality and performance as the Windows counterpart, Falcon Northwest decided to postpone any plans for having a Steam Machine out onto the market, at least not until things change.

According to a report on, the Kelt Reeves, the president of Falcon Northwest, had this to say about the Steam Machines.

“We met with Valve about our reservations concerning the limitations of SteamOS with high-end PC builds, and they agreed they were not issues that could be overcome in time for us to launch a Steam Machine this year. But they were genuinely interested in working to address them in future SteamOS builds. So the option for us to produce a Steam Machine is still open, and our Tiki PCs have been in production for years as Windows systems and are always ready. But for now, we’ve put our plans to offer a Steam Machine on hold.”

Their plans are not clear right now, and the issues were not described in detail. For the moment, users can only buy one of the existing three variants, and there is information that more will land by the end of the month.

Via Softpedia

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