Linux News Today: Fedora 23 for Workstation, Server, and Cloud Is Out

Red Hat has just revealed that Fedora 23 for Workstation, Server, and Cloud has been released and is now ready for download. This marks the launch of a new Fedora stable and opens up the cycle for the next one.

The Fedora 23 development cycle has been relatively calm and with just a few small delays. Unlike some situations in the past where the team had to postpone the launch for many weeks, they now seem to have things well in hand.

In fact, the project is becoming a lot more predictable, which also helps the GNOME, a different project that is synchronized with the OS.

Users shouldn’t expect to see a tremendously exciting release, but there are some interesting highlights like the adoption of DNF, which is the new package manager in the distribution. The developers also worked to improve the Wayland support, but that’s still not ready for prime time and a default position.

Other changes include the adoption of Python 3.x as default, the newest SELinux userspace project, Unicode 8.0 support, many system firmware updates, and much more.

Fedora 23 is ready for download

“Fedora 23 introduces a cache server role for Fedora 23 Server, delivers a preview of GNOME 3.18 to Fedora 23 Workstation and adds additional under-the-hood enhancements to the foundational Fedora 23 packages that power all of the editions. Beyond these new capabilities and enhancements, the first year of has also delivered many operational improvements to Fedora’s underlying engineering infrastructure, resulting in update pushes that take half as long as in previous years,” said Red Hat’s John Terrill in an email.

The biggest visual change is the adoption of GNOME 3.18, the latest stable version of the desktop environment that was launched just a few weeks ago. Not all the mirrors for Fedora have been synchronized, but you can download the latest Fedora 23 Workstation right now and give it a spin.

Via Softpedia

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