Linux News Today: Fedora 23 Reaches Gold, Launches on November 3

The Red Hat developers have finally greenlit the launch of Fedora 23 and it looks like the new version will finally arrive on November 3, the date that was previously tracked.

The Fedora project seemed to be free of delays and other problems, and the 22 branch of the distribution arrive on time. Unfortunately, the development cycle of Fedora 23 has been a little more troubled and a couple of delays were necessary. On the other hand, Fedora never had precise release dates, so it’s not like they are missing some important milestone.

“At the third round of Fedora 23 Final Go/No-Go Meeting, that just ends, has been Fedora 23 Final-RC10 declared as GOLD. GA of this release is planed on Tuesday 2015-Nov-03,” said Red Hat’s Jan Kurik.

The previous Fedora 22 was launched on May 26, so the project seems to have entered a nice cadence. Red Hat is using Fedora as a way of testing and refining the commercial version of the Linux distribution, so a lot of features that are initially made available in Fedora will eventually land in Red Hat Enterprise Linux as well.

If you don’t want to wait until November 3, you can download the latest build and give it a try. You’ll be able to upgrade it past the launch date and you won’t have to install it all over again.

Via Softpedia

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