Linux News Today: First Point Release of GTK+ 3.18 Introduces Faster Popover Animations, More

The GTK+ developers have announced this past weekend the immediate availability for download of the first maintenance release of the GTK+ 3.18 open-source and cross-platform GUI toolkit software.

According to the internal changelog, which has been attached below for reference, GTK+ 3.18.1 is mostly a bugfix release, but it introduces some great performance improvements to the rounded rectangle drawing by caching arcs, as well as to popover animations, which are now a lot faster than before.

As mentioned, lots of issues have been resolved in this first point release of GTK+ 3.18. There’s now better full-screen support for the GNOME Terminal app when used on the Wayland display server, user’s options are now correctly used for the right printer, and nullable annotations have been added to the gtkmain.c file.

The print dialog no longer sets incorrect printer options, the Nautilus (Files) file manager no longer crashes when bookmarks are being renamed, the GtkPopover positioning has been optimized, an issue with the HighContrast theme was fixed, and a crash that occurred when attempting to rename a sidebar’s folder was patched.

The GtkAppChooser component saw various robustness improvements, a crash that occurred when attempting to access the Gtk.Application.add_window() function has been addressed, duplicate entries are no longer displayed in GtkAppChooser, and support for ellipsize accessible names has been added to the Inspector.

Numerous translations have been updated

GTK+ 3.18.1 fixes many other issues, such as a segfault with the popover, failure in the /bitmask/invert_range_hardcoded test, an undefined reference to ‘__builtin_popcount’, a segfault on gtkapplication when destroying a window, pixelated images of the refresh button and logo, and many others.

Finnish, German, Arabic, Irish, Russian, Hebrew, Kikongo, Serbian, Serbian Latin, Bosnian, Tajik, Vietnamese, Italian, Uyghur, and Khmer language translations have been updated in this first point release of GTK+ 3.18. You can download the GTK+ 3.18.1 sources right now from Softpedia and start compiling the software by hand.

Via Softpedia

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