Linux News Today: Five Great Linux Games You Need to Buy from the Steam Winter Sale

The Steam Winter Sale is now in effect, and as usually, there are thousands of discounted games available for sale. It’s getting more difficult to find the really good ones, so here are five titles that are really cheap and which should keep players busy and entertained for hours.

A really good way of knowing what Linux users are playing and like is to just open the Steam client and check out the Top Sellers list. That’s a good metric, but the truth is that there are many games in the Linux category, and many of them are really good. Not all of them are going to fit into that small grid, and there are certainly nice games not all that known.

The list is not arranged in any meaningful way; it’s a just a collection of games you should really get if you don’t have them already. None of these titles is in the Top Sellers list, which should make it more interesting.

Linux games that you need to get

Mark of the Ninja is a 2D platformer developed by Klei Entertainment, the same studio that made the Shank series and Don’t Starve. It’s the ultimate stealth challenge, and you need to get the Special Edition DLC, which greatly expands the game.

Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Complete Edition is another item that deserves all the attention. I’m talking about the entire collection, not just the regular Civilization V game. It has so many DLCs and extra content that it would be a shame not to take advantage of the 75% discount for it.

The Talos Principle is an FPS puzzle game made by a studio named Croteam, which also happens to make the Serious Sam series. It came out of nowhere, and it’s an amazingly fun and interesting game. Make sure that you get the DLCs as well, since they are also discounted.

Distance is a futuristic racing game that’s still in Steam Early Access. Despite not being ready yet, the developers from Refract have had great success with it and the community simply loves it.

The last place on the list holds two games, since they are part of the same episodic content. The Journey Down: Chapter One and The Journey Down: Chapter Two are two amazing click-and-point adventures with a great story and art direction. They are really undervalued and a third one is on its way.

Here is our selection, but if you know of other great games on Linux that are not appreciated enough, make sure you tell us about them.

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