Linux News Today: Gentoo-Based Sabayon 15.10 Officially Released with KDE Plasma 5 and Calamares

Just a few minutes ago, the developers of the rolling-release Sabayon GNU/Linux distribution based on the acclaimed Gentoo operating system have announced the release and immediate availability for download of Sabayon 15.10.

According to the release announcement, Sabayon 15.10 has been launched with a brand-new graphical installer, Calamares, which is also used with success on many other GNU/Linux operating systems, including the Arch Linux-based Manjaro Linux.

While the KDE edition of Sabayon 15.10 ships with the latest KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment, finally replacing the old KDE4 one, the MCE (Media Center Edition) of Sabayon has been dropped, along with the Steam Big Picture mode.

Sabayon 15.10 is also the first release of the distribution to offer official Docker images, which you can use to build packages for the GNU/Linux operating system without the need to install all the tools that are required for compiling software.

“As already pre-announced we switched the default installer. Anaconda served us well, but we decided to embrace the community-baked Calamares, the distribution-independent installer,” says developer Joost Ruis.

Sabayon Server and Sabayon ARM Editions coming soon

Among other features implemented in Sabayon 15.10, we can mention native support for Nvidia and AMD GPU drivers, as well as support for the long-term Linux 3.10, 3.12, and 3.14 kernels. In today’s announcement, the Sabayon developers teased users with some of the upcoming features of the Gentoo-based operating system, such as the availability of two new editions, Sabayon Server and Sabayon ARM.

As expected, this release is distributed with the usual flavors, so you can download Sabayon 15.10 KDE, Sabayon 15.10 GNOME, Sabayon 15.10 Xfce, Sabayon 15.10 SpinBase, and Sabayon 15.10 Minimal with the Fluxbox and Openbox window managers right now from Softpedia. Please note that the Sabayon 15.10 operating system is available only for 64-bit computers.

Via Softpedia

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