Linux News Today: Git 2.6.4 Open Source Distributed Version Control System Has Many Improvements and Fixes

The Git developers have announced the release and immediate availability for download of the fourth maintenance build for the stable Git 2.6 branch of the world’s most popular distributed version control system.

According to the internal changelog, attached at the end of the article for reference, Git 2.6.4 is here to add support for talking HTTP and HTTPS over socks proxy, to improve the “configure” script with support for -lpthread testing, as well as to support ignoring of standard input for all hooks.

Git 2.6.4 also includes a few fixes for some portability issues, one introduced in the first maintenance release of Git 2.6, and another one related to the Microsoft Windows operating system, which could have rewritten the $SHELL variable via non-POSIX paths.

Furthermore, the shell quoting features has been fixed for the contrib script, tilde-expansion is now allowed in various HTTP configuration variables, the “diff/show –word-diff-regex=.” command now has a useful example in the documentation, and git-p4 has been updated to support detached heads.

Many other issues have been resolved in Git 2.6.4

In addition to the changes mentioned above, Git 2.6.4 addresses a corner case issue in filter-branch, updates the documentation for the “check-ignore” without “–verbose” command, repairs a performance issue caused by some .idx files left without the corresponding .pack file, and allows the execution of the “git interpret-trailers” command outside a Git repo.

Last but not least, “dirty” markers are now correctly generated for shell prompts, various corner cases received improvements, and a compile-time workaround was added for Apple’s common crypto implementation of the SHA1_Update() function, which shouldn’t take more than 4GB at a time.

The missing “git rebase –no-autostash” command was added to a configured rebase.autostash variable, and the mess left by the failure of the “p4 submit” command is now automatically cleaned up. You can download Git 2.6.4 right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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