Linux News Today: GNOME Boxes 3.18.1 QEMU-Based Virtualization App Brings More Fixes

While the developers of the GNOME desktop environment are working hard these days to push the first point release of GNOME 3.18 to users worldwide, package maintainers have also prepared various updates to the project’s core components and applications.

In this blog article we will tell you what’s new in the GNOME Boxes 3.18.1 open-source virtualization software, a graphical user interface for the famous QEMU virtualization app that lets users create and run virtual machines of UNIX, BSD, Linux, OS X, and Windows operating systems.

According to the internal release notes attached at the end of the article, GNOME Boxes 3.18.1 now disables the view switcher if no virtual machines are present, addresses a regression that caused the app not to display the IP address of the local libvirt-based virtual machines, and makes sure that all windows are hidden before attempting to suspend local virtual machines.

Moreover, GNOME Boxes 3.18.1 fixes an issue with the Properties window, which blocked all user’s windows, no longer allocates more than 4GB of RAM to 32-bit virtual machines, repairing a QEMU crash, and allows users to change the resources of the virtual machines that are currently installing or running.

Lastly, several language translations have been updated in the first maintenance release of GNOME Boxes 3.18, including Dutch, Arabic, and Serbian. GNOME Boxes 3.18.1 will be distributed soon as part of the upcoming GNOME 3.18.1 desktop environment. Until then, you can download the GNOME Boxes 3.18.1 sources right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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