Linux News Today: GNOME Documents App Now Lets Users Quickly Change to Selection Mode

The GNOME developers are still working hard these days to release the first maintenance version of the GNOME 3.18 desktop environment, which means that many core components and apps have been updated lately.

Dubbed “Straw Man,” the latest stable version of the GNOME Documents app, version 3.18.1, which is distributed as part of the soon-to-be-released GNOME 3.18.1 desktop environment, is mostly a bugfix release with a couple of new features and updated translations.

According to the internal changelog, which we’ve posted at the end of the article for reference, GNOME Documents 3.18.1 now lets users quickly change the view to selection mode using the Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut, and it will no longer display an additional menu if the App Menu has been disabled.

Moreover, the navigation controls are no longer hidden when hovering over them with the mouse cursor, the content of the Books view will no longer be inverted when using the Night Mode, and a spinner is now displayed during the creation of the first collection of documents.

Last but not least, an issue with the background of tagged entries has been fixed and several language translations have been updated. As usual, look for the GNOME Documents 3.18.1 update in the software repositories of your GNU/Linux distribution in the coming days, or download the GNOME Documents 3.18.1 sources right now from Softpedia and compile it by hand.

Via Softpedia

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