Linux News Today: GNOME Photos App Now Tries to Become an Image Editor Too

The GNOME developers are working around the clock these days to update the core components and applications of the GNOME desktop environment for the 3.19.2 milestone of the upcoming GNOME 3.20 release.

We are always monitoring the development cycle of various popular projects here on Softpedia, and GNOME just happens to be one of them. GNOME 3.19.2 milestone should be available for testing by the end of the week, and the GNOME developers are releasing these days updates to the desktop environment core apps.

GNOME Photos is one of those, and it has been updated today to version 3.19.2, a release that caught our attention by implementing experimental editing support. There are no other details about this new feature, but it looks to us that the project’s maintainers are trying to make the software more than an image viewer and organizer tool.

If you’ve never used GNOME Photos before, we can tell you that it is a core application of the GNOME desktop environment (it runs independently of GNOME, so you can install it on other open-source desktops), and it is designed from the ground up to help you access, organize and share your photos.

Several bugs were fixed in GNOME Photos 3.19.2

Looking at the internal changelog, attached at the end of the article for reference, GNOME Photos 3.19.2 also lets users delete photos from the preview, the HiDPI (High Dots Per Inch) rendering has been repaired, the Properties dialog now works better, and a crash that occurred when exiting the app has been patched.

Moreover, the user interface is now updated immediately when clicking the favorite button. Last but not least, several language translations have been updated, including Czech, German, Finnish, Hebrew, Gaelic (Scottish), Norwegian Bokmal, Hungarian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

You can download the GNOME Photos 3.19.2 sources right now from Softpedia if you want to compile and test the software on your GNU/Linux distribution. However, it is best that you install GNOME Photos 3.19.2 when GNOME 3.19.2 is released, and always keep in mind that this is a pre-release version, not suitable for production use.

Via Softpedia

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