Linux News Today: GNOME Software 3.18.1 Now Downloads Firmware Metadata Signatures Once Per Day

The developers behind the open-source GNOME desktop environment are working hard these days to put all the bits of the first point release of GNOME 3.18.1 together and publish the update on the project’s official channels.

As expected, several of GNOME’s applications and core components received updates too, such as the GNOME Software standalone and universal package manager, which has just been updated to version 3.18.1.

According to the attached changelog, GNOME Software 3.18.1 no longer forces the refresh of the cache, which deleted valid packages, addresses a crash that occurred when attempting to navigate and during installation of apps, and parses AppStream data only once, thus improving the cold start time.

GNOME Software now gets the application’s icon from the local packages right after they are installed, displays the Disks (GNOME Disk Utility) and GNOME Characters apps in the Utilities section, and no longer displays an empty space if there are no category results.

Last but not last, fwupd metadata signatures are now downloaded only once per day, applications that don’t have AppData are now displayed in the Installed section, and several language translations have been updated. Download GNOME Software 3.18.1 right now from Softpedia.

We’re also informing our users that this version of the GNOME Software application will be distributed as part of the GNOME 3.18.1 desktop environment release, so check your GNU/Linux distribution’s software repositories in the coming days for an update.

Via Softpedia

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