Linux News Today: GNOME's GUADEC 2016 Conference Will Take Place in Karlsruhe, Germany

Now that the GNOME 3.18 is out the door and many GNU/Linux users are enjoying its cool new technologies, the GNOME Project begins work on the next major release of the acclaimed desktop environment, GNOME 3.20.

The first milestone, GNOME 3.19.1, is already in the works, and it will be available soon for download and testing, bringing the first set of new features and bugfixes to many of the desktop environment’s core components and applications.

Next summer, sometime around the months of July and August, the entire GNOME team will meet at the annual GUADEC conference for GNOME developers, users, foundation leaders, businesses, individuals, and governments from all over the world.

The big news was announced by the GNOME Project earlier, where they noted the fact that the GUADEC 2016 event will take place in the city of Karlsruhe, Germany, Europe. There, they will discuss the future of the GNOME desktop environment.

“Karlsruhe is situated in the Southern part of Germany and is Germany’s sunniest city. It is easy to get to as it is a short trip from both Frankfurt international airport and Stuttgart airport,” reads the announcement.

Unfortunately, at the moment of writing this article, there are no dates set for GUADEC 2016, but rest assured that we will update this article when the GNOME Project announces the exact days when the conference will take place.

Via Softpedia

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