Linux News Today: Gnumeric 1.12.25 Adds Support for Multiple File Selection and Double Click, Bugfixes

The development team of the Gnumeric open source spreadsheet editor software for GNU/Linux operating systems had the pleasure of announcing this past weekend the availability of Gnumeric 1.12.25.

According to the internal release notes, Gnumeric 1.12.25 is here to add support for multiple selection and double click in the Recent Files dialog, to address various TABLE-related issues, as well as to add the R.QGUMBEL, R.DGUMBEL, R.PGUMBEL, R.QRAYLEIGH, R.DRAYLEIGH, and R.PRAYLEIGH components.

Moreover, some issues with fuzzed files were fixed, the RANDLOGNORM and RANDWEIBULL components were thoroughly tested, the conditional format issue was resolved, a problem with R.QHYPER was fixed, builds were made more reproducible, and merged cells should work better now.

Last but not least, various GUI (Graphical User Interface) translation problems were resolved in Gnumeric 1.12.25, along with an issue related to the XLS export for list validation and improvements to the validation of ssdiff. A few other minor fixes are also present in this maintenance release of Gnumeric.

The sources of Gnumeric 1.12.25 are available for download right now from our website, but it is recommended that you update the software in your GNU/Linux operating system using the packages provided in the default software repositories. More details can be found in the changelog attached below, which contains references to the bugs resolved in Gnumeric 1.12.25.

Via Softpedia

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