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After announcing at the end of August 2015 that the next major release of the uNav GPS navigation app for Ubuntu Phones will be amazing, Marcos Costales had the pleasure of announcing the immediate availability of uNav 0.30.

Looking at the release notes for uNav 0.30, we can tell you that the application has just become amazing. Among the most prominent features, we can mention the implementation of a new Mapzen engine with Bike, Walk and Car modes with the ability to avoid tolls, as well as support for nearby POIs (Point of Interests).

Moreover, there’s a new indications algorithm, the Map Viewer has been enabled by default, which means that GPS will no longer used from the get-go, saving a lot of battery life, support for reviewing routes before start, an autostart countdown for the Car mode, and slide results for calling a place or visiting its website.

“I want to thank you Joerg Berroth for his awesome improvements in the QML section; Sergi Quiles Peréz by his ideas and feedback; Ilonka Oettershagen, Mark van den Driesche and Nathan Haines for their voices too. And thanks to the Ubuntu Translators and beta testers who did the best uNav version,” said Marcos Costales.

There are lots of driving and UI improvements

In addition to the awesome new features mentioned above, uNav 0.30 has many cool driving improvements, such as support for remembering the last position, motorways indications, support for displaying the distance to the next turn, as well as support for displaying street names and exit numbers for turns.

The user interface of the application has been improved as well, and it now features a nice panel, a scale rule, a follow button in full-screen mode, and Car on map bottom, which means that there’s more room for the map. uNav 0.30 is available now for all Ubuntu Phone in the Ubuntu Touch Store.

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