Linux News Today: GTK+ 3.18 Gets a Second Bugfix Release, Prepares for GNOME 3.18.1

The GNOME developers are working hard these days to push the first point release of the GNOME 3.18 desktop environment to users of Linux kernel-based operating systems.

Numerous core components and applications that are distributed as part of the GNOME desktop environment have been updated in the last couple of days, including the cross-platform GTK+ GUI toolkit, which has just reached version 3.18.2 on October 12, 2015.

According to the internal changelog attached below, GTK+ 3.18.2 is a bugfix release that adds better support for external themes, fixes the bad focus order in the GtkFlowBox component, and addresses a bug in the _gtk_text_btree_get_iter_at_last_toggle() function.

Moreover, GTK+ now unclips the CSS box-shadow on the slider for the GtkSwitch component, modifies the GTK Printer dialog to print jobs that have over 255 characters in their names, and fixes a segfault that occurred after g_object_run_dispose(page).

A random “stuck key” issue that occurred after closing a window using keyboard shortcuts has been fixed, and the Checkmark and Plus icons of the GtkColorChooser component have been improved for HiDPI (High Dots Per Inch) displays.

Lastly, the Finnish and German language translations have been updated. You can download the GTK+ 3.18.2 sources right now from Softpedia or wait for the maintainer of your GNU/Linux distribution to update the GTK+ package to version 3.18.2.

Via Softpedia

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