Linux News Today: Hatred, One of the Most Violent Games Ever Made, Is Coming to Linux

Hatred is one of the most controversial games that have been published on Steam, and it looks like it’s also coming to the Linux platforms sometime in the near future.

The gaming industry has been around for many years, and it had its fair share of controversial games. In fact, there are still countries that still have some games using all kinds of motives, religious, moral, or what they call common sense. For many of those titles, it sounds like the proper thing to do, but that’s not possible in certain countries.

The right to free speech and expression is often a double-edged sword, meaning it lets you speak, but it also allows everyone else to say what they want, even if they don’t like it. It’s the same for Hatred, a game that most people would say shouldn’t be available for publishing. The fact that it’s available for purchase is actually a good thing for free speech.

Hatred is coming to Linux

Hatred is built on the Unreal 4 engine, and that means that it should have Linux support, but this is something that’s up to the developers. In fact, the makers of the Unreal 4 engine have been quick to say that they have nothing to do with the Polish studio Destructive Creations, which built the game.

Moreover, the game was initially pulled from Steam for being too violent, but it was quickly reinstated by Gabe Newell himself. Since its initial release back in June 2015, the game got mostly positive reviews on Steam. People have been asking on the official forums about a Linux port, but the developers said they didn’t have any plans for a Linux or Mac OS port.

That changed when Destructive Creations posted a video with Hatred running on Ubuntu, and that can only mean one thing. That they are working on a port, and it should arrive soon.

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