Linux News Today: It Walks like Windows, It Talks like Windows, but Q4OS 1.4.3 Is a Linux Distro

Q4OS, a Linux distribution based on Debian that aims to provide users with a desktop experience that is similar to the one found on older Windows systems, has been upgraded by its developers to version 1.4.3.

Ever since Q4OS got past the difficult version number 1.0, its developers have made a ton of changes and improvements. They usually add new features with each new edition of the OS and the upgrades are quite consistent.

Users will notice right away that the distribution has a certain Windows resemblance, and that’s actually intentional. It uses the Trinity desktop environment, which started its life as a KDE fork. That happened a long time ago, and the two desktops have gone on very different paths.

What’s new in Q4OS 1.4.3

It’s not all that uncommon to see Linux operating systems that look like the Windows counterpart, but it’s usually done with themes and icons and not at the desktop level. The fact that Q4OS is different in this regard allows its makers to better control what’s happening in terms of design.

“There are quite significant under the hood improvements, for example, the ‘Desktop Profiler’ tool to be able to handle and fix possible software database inconsistencies automatically. Proprietary multimedia codecs installation script has been superseded by native Q4OS ‘Setup’ tool that enables smooth and user-friendly installation of external applications. The new version brings slight look and feel improvements, updates in the Q4OS Start menu structure, support for Asus Eee-PC devices and more,” reads the official announcement.

You can download Q4OS 1.4.3 right now from Softpedia and take it for a spin. Please keep in mind that a separate Live CD is available if you want to take this distribution for a ride. The regular version needs to be installed in order to test it.

Via Softpedia

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