Linux News Today: KDE Applications 15.08.2 Officially Released with Over 30 Fixes

The KDE Community has just announced that KDE Applications 15.08.2 has been released and is now available for download and testing.

The KDE project was split into Applications, Plasma, and Framework, and since then the developers have dramatically increased the number of releases for these components and they’ve made important progress. Not being tied to the schedule of the developers from the entire KDE project, these incremental updates flow quite often.

As the version number suggests, this is a maintenance upgrade, so it’s pretty much all about fixes. Sure, they’re not as glorious as the updates made to Plasma, but many of these packages are quite famous, and users will certainly notice some of the bigger improvements. It will take a while until this packages land in various repos, but it will happen.

KDE Applications 15.08.2 is here

“Today KDE released the second stability update for KDE Applications 15.08. This release contains only bugfixes and translation updates, providing a safe and pleasant update for everyone. More than 30 recorded bugfixes include improvements to ark, gwenview, kate, kbruch, kdelibs, kdepim, lokalize and umbrello. This release also includes Long Term Support version of KDE Development Platform 4.14.13,” the devs said in the official announcement.

According to the changelog, KF5Activities are no longer optional, a lot of fixes have been added to kdenlive, numerous umbrello fixes have been implemented, and numerous other small changes have been made.

If you don’t find the packages available in the repositories, you can always download the source from the official website and compile it yourself, although that’s not really recommended unless you know what you’re doing. It’s a very complex piece of software, and it takes some expertise to install it manually.

The best idea is to wait until these packages have made their way into the repositories of your Linux distribution and get them from there.

Via Softpedia

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